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A collection of Toronto's various street signs

The TSSDB is the most comprehensive database of Toronto's Street Signs anywhere online. The aim of this site is to catalogue images and information on every type of street sign within the City of Toronto; past, present, and future.

Work on this project was informally begun around 2003, semi-formally around 2010, and officially launched in its current state on May 25th, 2018 (for a more detailed project history click here).

If you would like to contribute to the TSSDB please refer to our Guidelines page.

Navigating the site

In addition to utilizing the Search Bar* at the top of this site to find specific street signs, all entries have been arranged in the following categories:

Locational Signage - Those signs which graphically designate a specific place, aside from the street itself;

Commemorative Signage - Those signs which graphically honour specific persons, events, and other subjects;

Typological Signage - Common city signs according to general design type;

Miscellaneous Signage - Uncommon city signs according to general design type;

Nonstreet Signage - Street signs for all things other than streets.

Signs have also been arranged geographically by way of the six former municipalities which constitute the current City of Toronto:

East York | Etobicoke | North York | Scarborough | Toronto | York

Moreover, certain entries have been further categorized in terms of Sign Families and Sign Sets. One may also find it useful to browse our Thematic Galleries, and be sure to check out our sister site, the Toronto Street Furniture Database, for all those other objects which appoint the public realm.

*A note on using the Search Bar: The auto-complete/suggestion function on this, and all other Wikia sites, produces somewhat misleading results. Unfortunately the search bar only recognizes the first term in any query, therefor a search of "Junction" will show a result for Junction Gardens but not The Junction. You must complete your search (by pressing enter) to display a full list of applicable results.

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